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"'s me."

"My God...I can't...I can’t're calling..."

"It's so good to hear your voice. Can I see you? I... need to see you..."

"I...I can't...No..I can’t're calling!"


"I'm getting married on Sunday...I...I…can't talk now..."

"What? This Sunday? You serious? You don’t mean it! “

"Yes...I do. I am getting married on Sunday."

"Don't...Don't...Don't do it!!"

"Come on...stop it!...please...stop it..."

"Don't! Do you love him? Tell me you love him!"

"My mother is driving me crazy to get married and ..."

"Do you love him?"

"...all my friends taht know him say..."

"Do you love him?"

"...he's going to give me everything...eveything you can't..."

"Do you love him?"

"...I have to isn't a fairytale..."

"Where? Don't do it. Where? Where are you getting married?"

"I’m sorry...but...I'm not telling you. Go live your life..."

"Please...don't do it...don't marry him...don't do it ! I beg you! I love you!!"

"I...have to go...I have"

"What about..."

And, she hung up the phone.
The next time he saw her, she and her snob husband were walking into the expensive shopping mall.
He was sitting on a bench as she walked right past him.
Their eyes met, hers out of the corners, as she drifted by wordlessly, in slow motion,
the wind blowing a familiar scent out of her dark hair.

Another time, he was on the same bench and the same man passed him
with a little boy wearing a cute leather jacket,
holding a string attached to a green frog balloon.
He knew in his gut that it was her child.
He knew that she had had a little boy.
The man’s eyes met his for an instance then quickly backed down.
He could feel that man knew...about the little boy.

What had become of...her ?
He´d never seen her again.
But he swore, that he would.

Then, one day, he saw her.
She was getting out of a big black classy car.
He called her name...and...she came to him.

Words flooded the air...drowning him.

She told him about her new little girl...
and how happy she was, how happy she’d always been, how happy her life was.

They spoke.
He watched her lips move, he watched her eyes move, he felt his mouth forming words.
He couldn't tell for sure if he was standing on solid ground or drifting in a mere but all too real dream,
so he shifted his feet...hoping to grasp the moment,
trying ever so hard to stand his ground,
eager to show no self pity.

But it no longer mattered because there she was right in front of him.
That woman, his women.

The other man’s wife.
The little boy’s mom.

Still, there she was.
Talking to him.

He couldn’t help but smile.

“What’s so funny ?" - she asked.

“How can one so lovely, so so…”

“What do you mean ?”

“When are you going to stop lying ?” - and he glared hard into her honey eyes.

“I don’t’re being nasty...why ?
Aren’t I talking to you ?
Did you think you were ever important to me ?
I promised you nothing !
Isn’t this enough, that I go out of my way and speak with you ?
Aren’t you ever satisfied ??”

It all ended there and then.
She hit the pavement with a numb thud turning the grey into red.
Then, he slid the sharp blade into an inner jacket pocket, smiled and walked.

“Yes my I am...quite satisfied.”

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