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Nothing Compares



He stood up as he undressed, making sure she could see him do it.

Then, getting on his knees, he moved behind her and eased her legs apart,
just enough to have full access to her pussy that by then was sopping wet from expectation.
He chose to work his fingers between her lips, igniting her arousal and increasing her wetness,
making her mew into the pillow, while spreading her knees further apart.

He kept at it until abundant fluids began to flow, making it easy for him to spread them upwards,
between her crack and over her anus.
At first she twitched when he pressed against the small, tight hole with his slippery finger,
while covering with the other hand her mound, letting a finger slide between the lips to coax
her open with subterfuge, fingers stroking her clit as he pressed an index finger into her anus
until just the tip was buried in her.
She moaned and moved.
With each roll of her hips, she impaled herself a little more onto his finger until
it was halfway inside her.

He was careful not to let her cum yet and so teased her clit, giving and denying her in turns,

stretching her lust until he felt she was ready.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Oh please…God yes....”

“But my love" - he whispered - "I want you to come on me...”

She panted and rolled her hips again.”Yes… my love, yes...I want to!”

Positioning himself behind her, shaft in hand, he eased the head of it between
her swollen cunt lips, teasing her softly.
Again, he wished he could have seen her face as he did this because it'd have
given him immense pleasure to watch her as he penetrated her.

Slowly, he eased the head of his cock into her pussy, and heard the most gorgeous
moan from her throat, she was burning and tight, and pushing into her was delicious.
Then, he began to move, fucking her, slowly and evenly, causing her to
press back, meeting him
as he filled her, gasping at each stroke as she felt him sink deep into her,
the soft skin of her backside calling to him, having him grab her buttocks while pumping her,
revelling the grunts she was making, knowing that the gentle part of her
was being stripped away with each thrust.

He bent over her and reached for her breast, taking the nipple between his fingers and
squeezed the erect flesh, ever so gently and now and then bit harder.
Immediately, she groaned and forced herself back at him, her muscles squeezing his cock,
greedy for what he was feeding her.

“Oh fuck!” - she cried - “God…don’t stop…please...don't fucking stop !!!”

“I won’t…not until you’re there...” - and, he wasn’t talking about the orgasm...and, he was sure she knew it.

He released her nipple and bent forward until one of his hands encircled the back of her neck,
pressed her face sightly but firmly onto the pillow and began to pound into her.

And so, quite suddenly, he felt the body beneath him change, the rhythm of her undulations
becoming fluid as she spread her knees as wide as they would go.

“Yes!...oh yes...yes!!!..” - she yelled, eyes open and yet, as if they were blind.

She was there, where she had wanted to get back to...for so long.

He could hear the animal sounds she made as she started to come around,
a hidden part of her awakening, her presence filling the room, the heavy scented air slowing
his pace as he fed her deep thrusts that took him to the edge as well...and pushed him over.

When he pulled out, she let go of a soothing sigh, as if loosing a part of herself.

“You're wonderful...” - she murmured.

“Did you remember, my love?’"

She nodded her head and closed her eyes...
And...was asleep in seconds.

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