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I can just imagine us driving…

I don’t know where and I don’t really know why,
but I would have my arm out the window,
testing the aerodynamic possibilities of my fingers
and you would drum yours on your knee,
tapping to the rhythms as you sang along.

There would be fields and empty spaces all around
and sunlight above us,
spotlighting and reflecting off the car,
as we sped along the lonely never ending road.

I don’t know how, but I'm sure this is the way it would be...

I don’t imagine we would speak much,
maybe my right hand would find yours,
if it happened to leave the steering wheel.
Maybe your left hand would embrace my neck,
a smile letting me in,
giving away your momentarily thoughts.
Maybe I'd caress your soft leg
and cause you to bite your lower lip
leaving you wet and playful
Maybe not...
Maybe we would just exist,
together and separately.
I would be content just to look at you,
as you watched me drive,
your eyes reflecting the sun and the flecks of green, brown and blue in them
singing along to the same songs.

I wouldn’t want to stop.
I'd just want to keep driving because life between our destinations
is reduced to simple elements :
the road,
the sun,
our hands,
the car,
the fields,
the wind coming through the window,
my hair in my face,
your long beautiful hair all over the place!

Reach Point B...and life becomes complicated again,
complexities hit once more,
with all the force of a blow to the head.

I know,
only half-jokingly,
that I would tell you how I am not ready to carry that load again,
how you are all I really need
and how you need me too.
But maybe I would leave that second part out,
I know that those are the sort of things,
that you really don’t want to hear from me.

We could just drive and drive,
and switch places if you want,
if I got tired,
or you could sleep against the window while I sped along,
risking a glance at the clear blue sky, once in awhile,
to look at the contrails left there by passing aeroplanes.

And slowly,
the sky would turn orange, as dusk comes,
and we would pull over and sit up on the hood,
which would be warm and ticking from the sunlight and the engine,
and you,
you would pull me next to you,
we could rest for a bit and exchange a hug
and it would be just about stopping, you'd say,
but you wouldn't forget
and the thought would linger in your head.

As the stars appear,
as the car and the air got cooler,
as the crickets burst to life around us,
I would know that our destination was near.

And you would drive and ask if I want to sleep,
but of course,
I would stay awake,
of course,
I would savour every moment,
memorize every detail of us,
separate from the world...and together.

I would reach out,
into the cool night air and spread my fingers,
let the wind pull them up and down,
up and down,
up and down,
awaiting the moment that you'd want me so badly,
awaiting to feel you under me,
for you to turn off the highway...

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