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Christmas Eve's Morning



 He held her chair out and she slowly sank down, pulling the short edge of the dress under her butt,
letting him see almost every smooth inch of them.

They ate slowly, staring across the candlelit table at each other, not talking, letting there eyes trade the
compliments, lustful words, and sweet nothings.

"Ummmm...that was so good.You should cook more often my love"- she said, sipping the wine,
her eyes on his movements 
as he cleaned everything away from the table.
"What if...I had a gift for you..a especial kind of gift...for tonight?..."- she asked him
and emphasized this by standing up, arching her back forward, thrusting her breasts towards him
while slowly moving into the bedroom."'s already passed midnight..."

He followed and was surprised to see the candle lighting, a rich and inviting orange filling the room,
the usual bedding replaced by red silk covered in various types of richly smelling foliage that was
also spread around the room, generating a kind of sensuous smell, warm and welcoming.

Deliberately, she sat on the edge of the bed, legs crossed, holding a little, thin,
square package in her lap.
To her suprise, he also went and got a small package from his sock drawer and they swapped gifts.
She'd wrapped her's with a ribbon and label, which he tore through in a few seconds.
His was in a discreetly wrapped box. Yet, when opened, it instantly led to her naughty look.
They held up the their gifts at the same time, looking at one another with large, wicked grins.
She had gotten him a red, silk, bow-tie, with a soft velvet neck band and couldn´t help laughing
out loud as he put it on.
Then, she held up the lacy, red, hand-knit, crotchless panties he had gotten for her.

"Mmmm..."- she murmured deep in her throat -"luckily I'm not wearing any....
why don't you slip them on me?"- she insinuated, seeing his eyes pleasantly focused on to her,
drilling into her with lust, inducing identical response within her womb.

She stood and handed him the panties as he crouched, running fingertips down her legs,
his hands eventually getting to her feet.
He tapped her left foot, she raised it, and he slipped the thin strap around her ankle.
Then, he tapped her other foot, and repeated the gesture.
Ever so slowly, he slid the soft fabric up her shapely legs, gently guiding the lace butterfly
up to her hot awaiting belly.

"Mmmm, these feel nice, so soft and smooth"- she let out, with a tiny gasp, teasing him.
Slowly, he rose, moving his hands around her waist, under the dress, while meeting her with
a delicate kiss as they exchanged smiling thank-yous.
"Haven't given you...all you want babe.I know..."- he said, feeling how she was 
moving her thighs
back-and-fourth, the new sexy underwear pressing against her special place.

"Merry Christmas my love"- she replied.
"Merry Christmas sexy"- he returned.

Silently, they stripped off their clothing, eyes locked, kissing here and there,
eventually throwing themselves upon the bed.
His warm hands gripped her thighs once more as they met for another kiss, bodies fully pressing
into each other over the sheets, which rippled and moved like a liquid given form as h
e pushed
her forward so the pillows were under her ass and his hands began numerous scouting missions.
They stroked her hips, touched her here and there and firmly groped her breasts when he gently
sucked a nipple into his mouth, making her let out a soft sigh, while she moved her hands
across his shoulders and back.

She loved it when he kissed her between her breasts and started to descend towards her belly button,
that sensitive spot right above the new red panties.
Then, as if in slow motion, he placed his mouth against her lower lips.
Her scent filled his nostrils as his tongue gently parted her softness, the thin, soft strings of her
panties providing easy access.
She couldn't help but sigh noisily as he began moving his tongue around her moistened sex.
By now, her hands were grabbing at his hear, as the tense feelings of a rising orgasm built deep within her,
a gasp and the arch of her back, the climatic response to fingers that had joined his tongue
in the exploration of her pussy.

"Mmmm, baby, I love you..."- she moaned.
He tried to answer but could only let out a grunt, as she held his head between her thighs.
She shuddered, her back jolted, her tits bounced, she let out a deep, throaty groan.
He smiled a hidden smile. She'd come on his mouth and hands - and he loved it!

She too was smiling as he returned to kiss her and was forced on his back, letting her ride him,
her flavor invading their kisses, mixing with the scent of the room.
It was her turn to idle upon his body, kissing and licking him wherever she pleased,
onwards to encountering his hard member.

It wasn't long before he felt her pull the soft blankets from around her body and his legs and slipped
them both between them.
The two layers of smooth fabric were like swaying water around them 
as she kissed the now tight
underwear, hooking a finger on it's elastic perimeter to pull it down, releasing the turgid, pulsing rod.
This, made her giggle and grab at the erection, wrapping her cool fingers around it.
Like always, she loved taking him into her mouth, a low humming "mmm" escaping her her warm
wrapping eager swirling tongue, her head bobbing up and down on his manhood,
as she took more inches into her mouth.
Doing his best to stay in control, he gently stroked her hair, encouraging her masterful work, 
although by now, he too, was breathing heavily.
" do it better every time!..."
She giggled as she sucked his member hungrily.

Once having him as she wanted, she moved back upon him, sitting up, legs around his and slowly
lowered her pussy onto his prepared member.
They both moaned has he thrust into her, as she took him in, all at once, putting her hands on his chest,
her pelvic bones grinding into his.
Slowly, but intensely, she began to move, her hips often drawing soft circles as she raised and lowered herself,
her long blonde hair thrown back, supple pinkish nipples hardened, shivers running through her,
an audible "oh my God! "filling the night as she mastered the continuous, deep, penetration.
All this time, her lover's hands moved from gripping her hips to squeezing her gorgeous breasts
as they danced to her awesome cavalcade.
And, every now and then, he'd rub her clit with is thumb, sending waves of lust across her body.
Eventually, he felt the need to grab her thighs tightly, for she was near to cumming once more...and she did.
This time, she let loose a louder moan from deep inside her as he expertly guided her to fall towards him.

Her arms wrapping languidly around his neck as they kissed.

Their bodies were still pressed against each other when she felt him restart their love making,
his manly instincts taking over as he rolled on to her, hips moving harder and faster, leading her body to respond,
her hips matching his thrusts, adding to the fiery heat of passion consuming them.
The rhythm increased and soon they were in perfect metronome loving as their bodies strived for
the inevitable climax, her tight vulva responding to his invasion, crushing and squeezing him.

Soon, he could feel those familiar tremors that begin to take hold of her everytime she had
an overwhelming orgasm, that was usually followed two or three more, non-stop.
He couldn't hold back anymore.
As soon as she began to shake and cry, tears flooding her cheaks, as always when it was so good,
"Oh yessss...yesss...God...I'm cummingggg...ohhhh God....don't stop love!..."- his cum filled her,
hot and thick as he kept thrusting, running down her soft crack, soaking her asshole,
the sensation prompting yet another orgasm in her, making him withdraw his member so as to
witness her womanly juices bursting from within her pussy, onto his penis and all over the silk red sheet,
darkening it, the puddle growing whilst the convulsions continued.

In good time, the room was quiet, again.
The saturated wet sheets smelt of warm loving scents as they lay still, their eyes looking into each other.
 Finally, he turned and kissed her passionately...and her mouth devoured his.
Then, he shifted to his side, she curled her back against him and the sheets were pulled around them,
forming a tight cocoon.

Pressed together, asleep, they let the warm bed carry them off to Christmas Eve's morning.


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