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Granted Time



“Close your eyes.”

His mind was fluid and warm against hers and his thoughts eased restless urges,
drawing the tension from the aching muscles of her body as he gently caressed her.

“I will always be here for you. I will never leave you. Remember ?Remember ?”

Coming from him, she knew it was the truth.
It did sound familiar. did she know it?

He rested his finger against her lips to silence her confused and spinning thoughts
and reached out to her with his energies drawing her whirling thoughts into the warm
cocoon of his own gentle, flowing thoughts.

The frustration in her faded and she relaxed completely under his gentle presence.
Then ever so effortlessly, he drew her into his arms and rose, at least it seemed like it to her.
She wrapped her arms around his neck taking in the smell of his skin,
almonds and musk, her eyes barely focussing.

“ I will take you to a calmer place...if you will let me...”

She nodded her head slightly against his shoulder, feeling quite drowsy and drugged
by his presence and energy.

For a time, he flew with her in his arms, until they were no longer in her house,
or her neighbourhood, but rather, at a place she could not name.

He set her gently upon her feet at the edge of a calm, glassy lake.

“This is the place of wandering souls.It is also the place of guardians.It is my place.”

“It’s...beautiful,” she murmured, her eyes taking everything in.
The lake stretched on, limitless it seemed, and the banks were golden with sun-warmed sand.
A path wound through the tall cattails, leading out over an endless sloping plain,
each stalk of the cattails blowing in a gentle breeze.
Here and there, a shimmering figure composed of light and stardust walked the path.

She sunk down to her knees and touched the golden sand and tried to understand.

“I have brought you here so that we may be together...just you and me”

She looked at him, then, and for the first time saw him as he was.
His skin was familiar but a latticework of scars and old pains covered him.
His hair too was familiar, and his eyes...she couldn’t look into them...she felt strangely afraid.

He let her look at him, her eyes touching every part of him, every inch of his body
and her mind searching for the answer to that presence of him.

After a while, she looked up cautiously, still afraid of what she might find in his eyes.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said, and his palm touched the side of her face and drew her eyes away
from the scars on his body.

His face was lined and wise, but still somehow young, and his eyes were a vibrant darkness,
intense, but also unguarded.
She felt caught in his eyes and she knew that for a moment, she was seeing him for everything
he was and everything he had been.
He was baring his identity to her in those moments and she could hardly comprehend it,
let alone understand why as he looked away, all she could do was look on.

“I know you,” she whispered, and she touched his shoulder, her fingertips gently pressing
against the skin of his toned, torn body.

“Once,” he breathed, barely audible, “a long time ago...”

She tried miming his name, looking to his face again, transfixed by the harmony she saw there.
Her hand moved of its own accord, cupping the side of his face and turning his penetrating eyes
back to her own curious eyes.

“I said I would never leave you...” he told her.

“I remember,” she said, wrapping her arms about his waist and laying her head against the
curve of his shoulder. His heartbeat was strong and even.
“I loved you. I lied to you. There was no other way. I loved you since the first time.
You know there was no other way. I didn’t think you’d go.
And then I never thought that...that wouldn't make it back...”

He brought her lips to meet his own and her nimble fingers pressed against his bare torso
and slid below the hem of his kaki pants as he lowered her back into the tall cattails.

They came together as one.
He was gentle, tender, but passionate and protective.
She felt him to be free.
He cradled her slight body in his arms and made love to her.
Afterwards, she snuggled against his side and they lay beneath the azure sky.

“We cannot stay know that...” he spoke softly, his lips barely moving as he breathed
in the scent of her body and the rich earth beneath them.

”This is all the time He’ll grant me. I never stopped asking Him. I’ve wanted you so much...”

“I know...” she whispered, but did not open her eyes as she spoke.

She would lie in his arms and be with him until it came time to leave that lost place,
that place of wandering souls, that place of granted time.

This time...yes, this time, the world would have to wait.